About AB3 Charity List

I created the Charity List because of the frustration I had trying to donate quickly and easily to charities that I had discovered. The problem was that most charities have their own on-line donation systems where you invariably need to 1) register, 2) Give your personal details, 3) Enter your payment details; and you need to do this separately for every charity that you come across and (perhaps on a whim) want to support.

I understand the reasoning behind this: they want to have control, and receive as much of the funds as possible.

But I'm not comfortable giving out my personal details everywhere and I don't want to sign up to their mailing-lists.

The simplest way to donate, for me, is PayPal. I have an account there, they don't mind very small donations; I don't need to register again and again; they have my up-to-date payment details, and the charity I'm donating to doesn't need to know who I am, or ever bother me again. It is as simple as finding the charity listing, and clicking donate.

Whilst I am currently directing page visitors to PayPal to donate (more and more I'm providing direct links to the donation page) this could change.

So, in short, AB3 Charity List is intended to help people give to charities (even random ones). A secondary goal is to provide additional information where possible, and make it easy to promote a charity you like (eg share links, and adding comments).