Beware - Ghost Blog Pings Out!

I didn't know this before using this software, and there is no way to turn it off! (Except by making the site private.)

I was automating the publishing of 300,000 files, and I thought this software (ghost) looked like it would present it nicely. Then I noticed in the logs something that looked like throttling messages. "Why do I need throttling just adding posts to my site?!" I thought.

Seems like this software send a ping out to (maybe others) for every insertion !  I was adding the posts via RPC too and I don't see an option that says, "ping an external service for every request".

During this testing process (which I eventually abanoned for performance reasons) I must have sent over 1 million pings! I could have got banned from my hosting company for spam, surely.

Anyway. Sorry to OVH, and Pingomatic. Please forgive me.